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Hardware Install & Order Tips

Robert Allen is committed to simplifying your drapery hardware shopping experience. To learn more about hardware terms and measurements, select an item below.

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A small part which allows a finial to fit rods of different diameters.

Horizontal decorative wood trim below the windowsill.

The main support for the rod, which extends from the wall. Brackets are available in standard, extended, double or a hang bracket style. Double brackets, or the attachment of a hang bracket, allows for two rods. Extended brackets provide more clearance space from the wall.

The distance from the mounting surface to the rod.

A simple finish option for the end of a rod. It is offered as an alternative to a finial for situations in which an obstacle does not allow room for a finial.

The trim surrounding the window.

The inner side and top sections of a window frame.

Inside Mount
A support for the rod within the jamb of the window. Inside mounts do not allow for finials.

The vertical or horizontal wooden strip which separates panes of glass in a window.

Pin on Hook
A metal pin, which slides into pleated draperies, to attach them to the rings.

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Consider the following hints when planning to dress up your windows:

  • Consider both the practical and aesthetic needs of the window treatment, when deciding how it will be installed
  • Be aware of anything that may interfere with the installation, i.e., corners, doors and built in furniture
  • Consider the added length of the finial when determining the length of the rod
  • Use a steel measuring tape or carpenter's ruler, for accurate and consistent measurements
  • Be precise, round all measurements to the nearest eighth of an inch
  • Measure all windows, even if they appear to be the same size
  • Use a worksheet or window diagram to help keep measurements clearly organized
  • Select the hardware before final determinations are made on the amount of fabric needed
  • Do not install hardware on the window frame or crown molding

The Windows Worksheet has been designed to assist you in personalizing window treatments.
Download the Worksheet  (Adobe Acrobat required).

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Finial Length
Horizontal measurement, when installed, from bottom edge to tip.

Finial Height
Vertical measurement, when installed, from top to bottom.

Tieback Diameter
Horizontal measurement, when installed, across the front centerline.

Tieback Extension
Measurement from the wall to the front of the tieback.

Tieback Length
Front length measurement before it returns to the wall.

Ring Diameter
The horizontal measurement, from the inside left edge to the inside right edge.

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Measurement Descriptions

Finials and Endcaps have pre-inserted screws or will include screws for Rod installations.

To Shorten Rods:
Wooden Rods

Use a fine tooth saw and a miter box to obtain a straight cut. After cutting, drill a pilot hole in the center of the end so a Finial can be easily attached.

Metal Rods
Use a hacksaw, steel saw or tube cutter. If the Rod has an inner liner, you may wish to cut the Rods separately. Please protect the Rod when cutting, to avoid scratching the surface of the Rod.

To Combine Rods
Wooden Rods

All Rods will be pre-drilled on both ends. A splicing screw will be needed to combine Rods. This double-ended screw should be inserted into one of the rods with pliers. The other Rod can then be screwed onto the first Rod. If the Rod has been shortened, a pilot hole will need to be re-drilled into the center.

Metal Rods
A Connector must be ordered to combine most metal rods. The Connector is a short tube that is inserted inside the rods at the point of connection.

A Center Support is recommended for all Rod lengths 8' or greater.

These general instructions apply to all Robert Allen Window drapery hardware collections, unless otherwise noted in the individual collection Product Information Guide.

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